Are spending a lot of time online reading news, navigating websites, or using web applications?  Are you still not getting the results that you are expecting? Could this problem be related to the design of your website? The look and feel of a website contributes to the first impression that a customer carries of your brand that businesses often overlook, eventually resulting in low conversion rate. Creating a website design that also offers a great user experience is trickier, and also not easy. What should you be doing do come up with a website that not only has a perfect look but the smoothest interface for excellent user experience. We have come up with a list of few things that you can follow while designing your website. Take a look:

Focus on User Experience

Building a great user experience on the website is very important part of website designing.

Tailor your website with graphics, layout, text and interactive elements that work in synergy to provide users’ an excellent experience. Designing the website only with information is not so not what customers want to see anymore.

UX design is a significant part of a website and an application (if any) that makes your webpage stand out from a million websites on the internet.


Websites Are Scanned, Not Read

Create a website that can be skimmed as people mostly scan them, contrary to reading.

Infographics and visuals are the best way to converse with the users. Adding these elements may help you target audience and increase your conversion rate.

People not so often read the content ‘til it strikes them the most, or switch to reading when they wish to find out more.

Clarity and Simplicity

Emphasizing on clarity and simplicity is the key because users evaluate the website’s design within seconds. Help them find action buttons by focusing on visually-enabled buttons.

A cluster of buttons on the homepage can confuse your user. You must continually reconsider your website design to make it easier to use. A website design company can help you build a website that is highly usable for the majority of the users. Clear, consistent design is simpler for users to understand and react afterward.


Common Design Elements Vs. Creativity

Creativity is good but reinventing the common design elements with new UI patterns make your user think twice. A standard design including components, such as links, login access, contact us, about us not needed to be relocated. These sections must have a familiar-looking interface.

Building a non-conventional website can be more trendy, but sometimes it makes it tough for the users to navigate and doesn’t promote usability. Creativity and usability on the website need to have a balance. Placement of URLs, call-to-action buttons, and navigation must be aim at usability.

Know Your Audience

Once you have a clear idea of your audience, find more about their needs. The best user interface on your website can be derived from user’s requirement.

Exploring a competitor’s market like colours, layout, style, and features can give you better ideas to design your website. The styles and designs that your audience is already comfortable with can make your website easy to scroll. Make sure you incorporate users’ feedback in your design as it is valuable to boost usability.


Visual Hierarchy

Emphasize the most important elements on the website so that users can be easily directed towards them. There are a lot of ways to encourage users to these highlighted elements, but the most effective one is to build it in most powerful way than anything else on the screen.

Making something pivotal on the page will only help your website achieve.


Users should feel an emotional connection when they are experiencing your product or service. Create a great user experience rather focusing on the interface. Otherwise, you’ll have a limited chance of making your product or service a success.

The user interface has to be simple to navigate, easy to use and built with adequate colors and fonts to better target your audience. And it’s all can be achieved with a good website design developed by a web design company. Don’t forget to integrate end-user feedback into the design that stimulates conversions.