Pantone named Ultra Violet, a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful” shade of purple, as the Pantone Color of The Year 2018 recently. Ultra Violet, or Pantone 18-3838, is a colour that represents progressiveness, forward-thinking, and boldness towards accepting and initiating change. Ultra Violet pops up regularly in images of deep space, representing the mystery and intrigue of what lies beyond us. The colour of the distant night sky, galaxies and nebulae, powerful stars and supernovae, Ultra Violet stands for exploring the unexplored. No doubt, this colour is going to inspire web design, and graphic design, across the globe.

What Is Pantone Color of The Year?

The Pantone Color Institute is a frontrunner in terms of colour research for brands and companies. This institute is the reason behind some of the most popular colour research that is iconic in today’s pop culture. A good example is the Minion Yellow. As the name suggests, this colour was viewed (and loved) by the world in Pixar’s popular Despicable Me series. Pantone Color Institute is a consulting service that researches the application and integration of colours as a strategic asset for brands.

The Pantone Color of The Year is not just a “trending” colour in terms of design. It is the colour of the direction in which our culture is headed (or should ideally be heading) today. Since 2000, the Pantone Color of The Year has inspired and empowered graphic designers and web designers all over the world. Pantone Color of The Year is selected as per design trends and expectations all over the world. Colour palettes that attract more positive attention become strong contenders.

Why Should My Web Design Company Care About It?

A web design company usually very well knows the answer to this question. Web design is about creating designs that attract and affect people at the deepest level possible. Colours and patterns that are culturally relevant are very important for this. “Blue”, for example, could mean different things to different people. But the moment we say “Facebook Blue”, most people would immediately think of a very specific colour. That is the cultural significance of colours. Using colours that resonate with your brand’s ideology and your target demographic’s tastes can be quite beneficial to your business.

The Pantone Color of The Year is the colour that is most culturally impacting, based on detailed research. It is not mandatory to use the exact same colour, though. Many web designers are creating websites in various shades of lilac and purple in 2018. Peach and orange-ish palettes are also quite popular. But if you are a progressive business, your web design company should definitely look into Pantone Ultra Violet as an option.

Design For The Future

The look and feel of your website could very well define your brand’s image. Almost all recognisable brands on the web can be associated with a single major colour. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, are just a few examples of this. Good web design choices are very important for a brand to become popular on the web. Think about it. Make sure your web design company thinks about it. Keep up with web design news. There is a lot of great inspiration out there.

Keep your brand’s future in mind while selecting a web design company. Choose a company that designs for the future. Involve yourself with your design company. Your ideas can be crucial to developing your brand on the web.

A company like Wish A Cloud, that is progressive and efficient, will help your brand grow by leaps. Also, watch out for Ultra Violet. This colour is going to dominate web design in 2018.