One of the most important page of your website is the one you welcome your audience with. Homepage is the first page that opens up to your target audience when they visit your website, make sure it’s the best. It is pointless to create an informative website that sells good products if it fails to grab customer’s attention in a glance. On an average, most visitors spend 8 seconds to skim through the homepage of a website, which decides whether they will browse the entire website or return in disappointment.

Making sure that the website’s homepage looks as impressive as your living room does, take a look at the following suggestions:

Invest More on the Graphical Presentation

Including positive and high quality images as a part of your homepage that represent how your products can be life saviour can help you engage your customers more than you imagined. Create a video that will help your customers understand your area of expertise. For instance: a lot of popular websites take in “how it works” videos on their homepage. Avoid making use of animation, they may take a little more time download.

If you are located in India, look for the Best Website Design Company in India that will help you select relevant images while designing your website.


Put an End to Customer Problems

Your homepage should talk about the problems your customers are facing. Displaying the benefits of your products is less engaging and concerning. If your customer is convinced that you care, they will certainly move to your product page to know more about the products you are selling. Include the areas that your products will work around to make their lives easier. Your content of the homepage can be more casual than formal. Most people visiting your website may not have time and patience to read big information, make sure the information provided brief than descriptive.


Use Short Headlines

Like we know, visitors dropping on your website for the website may not have a lot of time or patience to read through your products or services. Write short headlines that only sound awesome but also explain what your product does and how it can resolve their issues. If the headlines are interesting, the customer may end up reading the description as well.


Never Play Pre-set Music

You may have come across website that automatically play music as soon as you land on their homepage. If you’re partnered with a one of the Best Website Design Company, they will never suggest you to incorporate music that automatically plays on your website. You may end up losing thousand and hundreds of potential customers that will instantly leave your website if they open your website during office hours or in a public area.


Build a Simple Navigate Website

The most simple and essential part of building a website is coming up with a design that is extremely easy to browse. The top menu, also called the navigation bar, should consistently be visible on all pages of the websites so that it becomes easy for the visitor to reach any page.


Include Certificates & Testimonials

Visitors will only turn into potential customers if they see credibility on your website. To prove that your website can be trusted, add press releases, media articles, customers feedbacks and certifications. You don’t necessarily have to add these to homepage, you can also make a separate page to displays these.

Add Contact Details

If your customer likes your products on the homepage itself, make sure they don’t struggle to reach out to you. Your company’s details should be available on the most prominent places of the entire website, not just homepage. Add your contact details at the top of the homepage as well as the footer to make it easier for the customer. In addition, include links of all your social accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.


Use a Simple Tagline

The first thing that customers reads on your Homepage is the tagline that gives them an idea of what you do. Come up with a tagline that lingers in their mind even when they leave your website. A tagline should be easy to remember and straight-forward. A unique tagline can help you stand out in the market in the toughest competition.

Provide Ample Information

Don’t let the customer feel lost when they visit your website for the first time. Give complete information that helps them stay in touch with your business for a longer period. Based on what your business does, direct customer to get in touch with you or sign up for your free tutorial, enquire about your products, sign up for your newsletter and more.

Most people who are visiting your website for the first time will not go for your products, they will probably look you up on social media, read through your reviews and then probably buy your product or services. In this scenario, staying in touch with your customer can help you transform a mere visitor to a potential customer.

Build a SEO Friendly Website

A website should not only be friendly to the users but also to popular search engines like Google. Seach engines prefer website that use unique content on their entire website and use keywords that people mostly search for while buying products. These keywords must be included in the meta tags, the titles and the headings of your homepage.

Like we know, including fresh content and images that are names as per the keyword is what search engines love.

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