The landing page of your website must be highly relevant, meaningful and interesting for your targeted audience. When a visitor comes to your landing page after being redirected from your ad campaign, makes you stand out among the creepiest competition while even helping you boost up your sales.

Most of the companies often undervalued the importance of the landing page design and failed to pay attention to certain aspects. It may lead to common mistakes which result in a high bounce rate along with drop-in sales.

Both the advertisement and its landing page are needed to be well orchestrated for the higher conversion of business leads. We have conflated the common mistakes with its counter-measures to deal with the landing page design. You can even tweak it up for higher sales. Let’s discuss –


Hidden and Ineffective CTAs

CTA – Call-to-Action should be placed in a way so that the user is redirected to perform the task you want them to do. Adding too many elements on the landing page to attract the user can, in turn, overshadow or hide the CTA. Make use of call-to-action which is not going along with the ad may nullify your strategy. When the landing page loads and irrelevant call-to-action pops out on the page, it may hamper your conversion rate. Complementing the landing page with multiple actions might bury the real factor under the fold.

It is recommended to add effective CTAs on your landing page in terms of increasing the conversion. Colour do matters in CTA and should be chosen wisely after studying the targeting market trend and audience. Try to make the CTA pop out on the landing page that compels the user to click.


Different Ad and Page Headline

Its suggested not to let your designers mess up with the headline. The different headline for the ad and the landing page might leave the user in a state of confusion. There should be clarity and brevity of the headline since it plays a crucial role in conversion. Define the same headline on the ad as well as on the landing page to not let your user confuse or feel cheated with poorly matched promises.

Putting up a valuable headline on your ad that complements it and helps you increase conversion and boost sales. It enables you to keep the user’s attention while ensuring that the offer seems to be attractive in the first place. You can see higher conversions and boost in sales through consistent headline on the ad and the landing page.

Too Slow to Load

Including some creative elements and high-quality images on the landing page may affect its speed, and probably, making it slow to load. If a landing page doesn’t load within 5 seconds on one click can be bailed by almost 74% of the users. When the users are not staying up on your website for long, then there will be no use of putting up effective CTAs and matching the headline.

For boosting the landing page speed, you can use various measures such as – compress and resize the images, de-clutter the mess, and upgrade the hosting. Make sure to test the website’s speed from time to time to confirm that it loads in less than 3 seconds. Tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and Pingdom can be used to measure and analyze the page loading speed.

Many Visual Distractions

Directing the people to act and not let them indulge in other tasks on the page is said to be the primary purpose of the landing page. Jamming up the page with images, videos, GIFs in large amount can cause a distraction to the audience, and make them divert from the actual path what they’re looking for.

Suggested to use KISS mantra – ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid,’ wherein you should be specific about your goal. Include all the must haves that are required to have on the landing page to upsurge the conversion rate and boost the sales. You can use a minimalistic approach to add the images to the landing page with an effective CTA that can be placed strategically where it grabs all the user’s interest.

Complicated Forms

Landing pages that direct the user to fill numerous complicated forms enforces them to click back button instantly. If you add 3-5 fields in the form, it will help you gather user’s data, in this case, the long form should be avoided.

Replacing the complicated forms in the landing page with compelling call-to-actions help you not losing those extra leads you’ve generated through ad campaigns. Keep the form simple with necessary fields. Try not to ask for too much information from the user. Offer something new every time, they visit you, like – news subscription, upgrades, tools, etc to grasp the attention of the user while getting their useful information. Once you have the data, you can use that to retarget those users effectively to increase the probability of sale.

These are the tips that you can follow in your landing page design and development to see your sales boosting up. You can even have a Website Design Company besides to help you increase the conversion rate and sales efficaciously in no time.