Let’s face it – business isn’t easy. There are many factors involved in bringing a successful business to life. A product or service goes through multiple phases of rigorous challenges and obstacles even before it meets its very first customer. In short, every website has a story to tell, and the story is complicated. But in order to effectively reach and engage customers, that complicated story needs to become simple through simplified web design. At Wish A Cloud, we pioneer exactly that. However, we didn’t get to this point by ourselves. It took years of research and observing market leaders. Simplicity is a process of realising that businesses never become simpler themselves. Instead, they find ways to make their complex systems interact with their users in ways that are simpler. It is not just about web design. It is about leveraging the latest advancements in technology and how users now experience data. We have moved to design elements that are touchscreen-friendly, for example, to make websites relevant to the ever-growing user network of the smartphone era..

Case Study 1 – Google

You cannot talk about future-thinking without mentioning Google. From the very start, Google has been all about innovation. It has utilised Material Design to maintain consistent design across all platforms. This has created ease of use across any Google product on any system platform.

As a result, separate Google products don’t feel like different entities, they feel more like a family of products. Google knows this and collectively calls its various offerings for businesses as the G Suite.

Apart from its simplistic design and product-building choices, Google has also invested in developing functionalities that assist the user across all platforms. Notable among them is Google’s Voice Search and preinstalled Google Widget on Android devices. This move has made Google reach out to millions of new mobile users making their debut to the internet.

Case Study 2 – Microsoft

Another giant of the cloud, Microsoft, provides a great example of Google’s simplicity done right. The Office 365 is simplicity done right. All your Office products stay in one place with your Office 365 account, which you can modify anytime. Office products carry a similar look and feel, making it user-friendly.

Also like Google, Microsoft has been strongly focussed on making all its products touch-compatible, resulting in some innovations that are simply mind-blowing.

But, even Microsoft doesn’t always get it right. Try hard as they may, Microsoft has been unable to make Windows Phone excite the mobile community. The latest Windows 10 Mobile still looks and feels completely different from the Windows we know and love.

Developing Simple Web Design

Web design is the virtual personality of your business. It is important for the design to simplify your sales pitch and deliver it effectively. Minimalism is on the rise for a reason. It can be extremely difficult to plan and build, but investing in reductionist design will over time help you deliver a product that is more expansive, more capable, and more appealing to the end user. As the above giants have proved, when designers work on developing a website, seeking out simplistic design choices can do wonders.