UX design is created in sync with conversational interface these days. It is almost synonymous to these interfaces where ordinary language messaging to voice-based action is used.

Most companies are making their websites more conversational to take user experience to the next level with virtual assistance that makes it easy for users to take the next step. In case you need to buy a product, ask a bot to guide you. Bot enabled software are helping customer search for their products effortlessly while also showing them the best deals available.

With an increasing number of websites and applications using conversational platforms, it’s become necessary for you to make the most out of it to survive in this competitive market. We are here to help you identify the factors used to design conversational interfaces. Have a look:


Pay Attention to User Feedbacks

Gauge the reaction of your target audience in a specific situation to come up with a better plan that supports conversational interface.

Users’ interests and requirements are like pieces of a puzzle. Make sure you address the issues of your visitors on the first screen itself and then proceed with other features.

Deliver a Unique Personality

The conversational interface is as different as chalk and cheese which is one of the primary characteristics. Alexa, Siri, Cortana and OK Google are all examples of digital assistants that are serving their ultimate purpose even if each of these communicate with the user differently. You can never replace a human, but this is probably the best way to humanize digital support.

Break the Ice

If the user feels lost on your website and end up playing a guessing game to understand the features and functionalities, all your efforts will be futile. To prevent your customers from feeling lost and to guide them better, go for an introductory message, animation, or speech bubble to avoid assumptions.


Write Short Texts

Use short texts to keep hold of your target audience and say goodbye to long strings of sentences. Users should be able to skim through the texts you use. Even if you are planning to use large chunks of text, make sure they are smartly designed with buttons. These buttons must be highlighted for the users to take quick action.

Use Conversational Text

On a virtual level, chatbots are possibly working as human as possible by using conversational text. Your chatbots should use a tone that is absolutely effortless. In addition, your chatbot should be able to handle all the queries like humans do.

Using an informal tone in the conversation encourages the reader to respond. However, if they don’t understand the tone in the first place, the probability of them replying is forlorn. You will need an excellent copy to increase user engagement with colloquial language.

Offer Visualization

Including whitespace on websites improves readability for visitors. Designing a website with more white space makes it easier for the user to understand the concept in conversational interfaces as well.

Graphics, charts, images, GIFs, and maps can be used to impart bite-sized information. Simultaneously, use infographics, slideshows or videos to explain the features and functionalities of a product or a service.

Don’t Overlook the Emojis!

Several chat-based applications use emojis to assist users in expressing a diverse range of emotions. Sometimes, it is difficult to jot down the feelings of a customers in words which is when these emoticons come into action.

Using emojis are becoming an integral part of this digital age, also a way to encourage a conversational interface too.


Give Users Plenty of Choices

Providing users enough options will not compel them to leave from a conversation in halfway. Including but not limited to buttons, shortcuts, quick reply options that encourages users to respond quickly.

Remember using automated reply feature by LinkedIn messenger? Working on something similar and helping your user to type less makes the user feel more at ease. Allow your users to pick up their replies from sending texts, attachments, stickers, videos, photos and so on.

Conversational interfaces are becoming popular throughout the globe. A Website Design Company can help you built the best UI experience for your target users.