Most of us are already aware of the importance blogging holds for marketing a business on popular search engines. Establishing trust amongst your audience by keeping your visitors engaged are a few examples of how blogging can help you boost your online presence.

Besides improving your reputation as an online company or building trust, posting blogs on your website regularly can really help you rank well on popular search engines including Google. Simply create blogs that are fully optimized as per the google guideline and witness tremendous improvement in your rankings.

Let’s look at some important aspects of blogging for improving your SEO rankings:


Creating Unique Content for Your Website

Posting content that has already been used elsewhere can be detrimental for the ranking of your website on popular search engine. If you have are using repeated content regularly, the content will be considered as spam. You can even lose ranking of your website on important websites. It is always advisable to use fresh content on your website, which all search love. Website that post distinctive content seem updated and more relevant which is also useful to the audience.

Content is the only part of a site that you can play around with, change and add as many time as you like and also the most important aspect of improving the ranking on Google. The content on important pages of your website including Homepage, pricing page or about us page will only change one or twice a year, which is why it important for your to keep posting relevant blogs on your website. Blogging gives you the possibility of adding new websites to your website as many times as you like. More blogs on your website will mean more pages for search engines to add in the index.


Optimum Utilisation of Keywords

Using keywords that are most searched for in your every blog you post increases the possibility of improving your ranking on search engines. If your based in India, take help of a Website Design and Development Company that also specialises in SEO optimisation, to give you a list of keywords for creating new blogs. You can also ask for a full time content write who can write blogs on your behalf. If you plan to strategize the plan all by yourself, perform a keyword search and look for phrases or words that people are searching for. The most searched words become the keywords that you can use in your blogs to improve your ranking on search engines.

To further enhance the procedure, make use of keywords that target audience is more likely to use. A very important thing that you must always keep in mind is to avoid stuffing keywords in your blogs. While using keywords can be quite beneficial for your SEO result, overdoing it can make things worse.

Backlink Your Blogs to Popular Website

Backlinking is a process through which you initiate a connection with relevant website. You can simply begin with including links on your website to other relevant website which will help you invite more traffic on your website which your website can do alone. These relevant website simply link back to your website that in turn generates traffic, more than you imagined. Remember to only backlink your website to relevant website that are also reputable.

Use High Quality Images

Posting content only is more likely to bore your audience. Includes relevant images as a part of your content to keep your reader engaged. Images will not make your blog look more impressive to the audience but also add weightage to the SEO optimisation. Make sure you use correct images and also name them as per the used keywords in your blog.

Make Use of Social Media

Posting interesting ads on social media can help you invite more traffic on your website. Besides, blogging on your social media increases the chance of being found by famous search engines. Social media pages that are recognised by search engines will only help you grab better ranking.  

Find a website design and development company India that also specializes in search engine optimization to see your website rank higher in search engine results.