‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – an old saying but still relevant to today’s user experiences.

Visuals have a natural property that fascinates people towards them faster than text. Photos, illustrations along with text and interactive elements have become an integral part of modern user interfaces these days. Using these elements help create a unique website design. Whether it is hand drawn illustrations, small icons, or everything sketched image appeals as an art to the user.

Illustration is a powerful communication tool similar to other visual elements. A Website Design Company uses this popular technique of adding illustrations to the UX of the website to increase user engagement.

Following are the points to review some of the functions of illustration from the perspective of modern UI design –


Highlight Your USP

Illustrations including pictures, graphics have potential to explain and clarify the idea behind the design of the website. Using illustrations will improve UX right from the first screens not just for websites, but for mobile apps as well.

Onboarding experience, for instance, can be more engaging by using illustrations on tutorial screens. Inducing these elements into the website design offer additional benefits for mobile apps that avoid heaps of text on the screen. Even if a user encounters a problem, illustrations add a little sense of humour to humanize the issue.

Live Up the Process of Interaction

Enhancing the website with animated effects and transitions make the user experience look and feel more natural which is necessary for the concept of increasing interaction with the user.

Illustrations can also be enriched with animation similar to other segments of a website design. Combination of illustrations with animation truly delivers a great user experience that further increases conversion rate.


Build an Illusion of Direct Communication with The User

The journey begins when a user interacts with a product. The primary goal of the user behind each journey is to use that product.

Convert a journey into a story wherein a user will be a character, and the goal will be a final destination. Illustrations act as a proxy between user and app by engaging users to the website. These illustrations make the user feel confident and inspire them to continue the journey.


Reinforce Existing Stylistic Concept

Adding illustrations in a user interface provide visual support to the general idea of the app or website. Logos, fonts, colour schemes, and illustrations along with other branding elements have a significant impact on the website. Illustration should complement the design of the website that provides more natural and harmonic feeling of the brand in general. These illustrations need to be consistent on the website even if different people created them.

Create A More Memorable Experience

As you may have experienced that using a lot of products on a regular basis do not create a true experience, rather a few of them do.

For creating a memorable experience, you need to learn how the human brain works. A psychological heuristic called peak-end rule proposed by Barbara Fredrickson and Daniel Kahneman. The peak-end rule dictates the way our brain works with information. The rule also states that people judge an experience primarily based on how they felt at its most intense point and its end, unlike the total sum or average of every moment of the experience. The effect occurs regardless of the user experience is pleasant or unpleasant. In more simpler words, we can say that human behaviour tends to recall only key events that happened rather than the entire experience.

If you’re offering your users a delightful illustration, it will merely increase brand awareness. Symbols are the most popular way to apply illustration techniques in website designing that creates a more memorable experience. These symbols are the elements of identity and inter-connector between the user and the product.


Illustrations work towards attracting user’s attention while delivering the most critical information in easy-to-understand visual format. Pictures, graphics not only add clarity to a complex idea but using visuals require fewer words to provide information to the user.

web design company helps you design your website user-interface by adding illustrations that can play with users’ imagination which drives conversions.