People expect to find certain pages on all websites they visit, about us page is the most common of all. Most visitors find it extremely difficult to browse through a website if they are unable to find a service page, product page, or a contact us page. These are amongst the most important pages on a website that should be on a priority list for anyone who’s exploring new options to build a user friendly website.

While these pages are of utmost importance, other web pages must never be ignored as they have significant impact on the overall design and utility of the website. Let’s look at the pages that are not quite evident but still play a great role in making a website a hit:

Policy pages

Policy pages include privacy or return policies, terms and conditions, security, and more. These pages contain critical information that your website visitors should have access to. The right tone, placement of pages, and web design can turn your potential  customers into real ones.


Blog Page

An active blog page can really help your website stand out in the tough competition. The blog page should be a separate section of your website that includes all the articles you have created. It can be a valuable addition to the structure of the website while serving as a way to improve your SEO performance on the various search engine results. A blog helps you to  gain popularity of your website amongst different visitors.

Site Map

Site Map may not be as crucial for your website visitors as for you. It is essential for your search engine optimization success as they can guide search engine crawlers to your website. It’s like a roadmap that indicates the crawlers of a page existence on the website. You should pay attention to it while getting it designed by a Web Design Company.

Testimonials and Reviews

Build trust between yourself and your visitors with a third-party support. People are more likely to buy products and services from your business if others have already been using them and have also reviewed the same on the website. Reviews are a great way of promoting the a product or a service. Focus on creating a page that includes testimonials and reviews of your business, irrespective of the nature of your business.

FAQ page

Every website should include a carefully constructed FAQ page as it provides answers to the questions that are most commonly asked by the website visitors. You can avoid answering the same question that are frequently asked by the visitors. Adding an FAQ page could be a way to encourage people’s engagement on the website. Include the most commonly asked questions on this page and make sure the answer is brief yet satisfies the customer.

While most business focus on achieving the perfect Homepage, product and pricing page, you must never overlook the importance of other web pages. Taking care of little things on your website can really give you an edge over strong competitors in your industry. The best way to achieve a perfect website is to reach out to a website design company that can help you put these pages together.