Trends help you keep within the bounds of common sense. These trends are commercially-oriented and conventional, just what the market needs.

If you are designing a website, infusing beautiful typography is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the user as a brand. A harmonious combination of fonts is always of a higher priority than sheer creativity.

Creative fonts help you carry your message and also allow you to make a visual impact and induce emotion into the user’s mind. By using typography, you can express joy or fear, loud or quiet, and even make you laugh, cringe, gasp, and everything in between. These trending fonts allow you to improve your design workflow, help you expand your expertise, and even find you some new clients. Consequently, keeping up with the latest trends is absolutely essential.

Let’s take a look at trending fonts that you can use in your website designing –


Extra-loud bold fonts

Are you looking to leave an impression on the user? Extra-loud, dramatic, and bold fonts are gaining popularity these days. These font champions are dominating designs as the main design element of any website. Make these fonts be your obvious choice if you want your message to scream and shout.

If we talk about bold fonts, they can make your logo pop-out on whatever you put it on. And above all, your website will be packed enough with eccentricity.


Minimal sans serif fonts

Simple sans serif fonts are considered as the introverted siblings of bold typography. These fonts will continue to be a huge favorite for minimalistic website designs. With their simplicity, designers find them incredibly easy to work with. Although they are not visually demanding, they still appear to be powerful if you use them well.

Compositions of sans serif fonts look soft with a sense of calm and serenity. Giving them a room to breathe and the space they need, will enhance their charm.


Nostalgic vintage fonts

Indeed, the more we dive into the future, the more appealing the past gets. It’s true in  the case of website designing! There is no surprise that a lot of fonts are getting imitated to recapture the past.

Vintage fonts can make a logo or design look elegant and thoughtful, or bold, and yet elaborative. Using these fonts, you can easily bring a taste of classic touch home in this modern world. This font is definitely for you.


Evolving script fonts

Scripting will never be out of style. These fonts are built on the elegant letterform of calligraphers while imitating the variability of handwriting. However, script fonts as-of-now are evolving with many different shapes and styles.

These new shapes and styles are either classic or quirky, serious or playful, monoline or varied weight. No matter which style you will be choosing, the result is going to be filled with a sense of wonder.


Outstanding Outline fonts

Outline fonts are popping up everywhere. Whether you are looking for compelling your header, highlighting body text, or creating a composition feel airy, outline fonts are there. With a modern, industrial look, these fonts will make your brand looks cutting-edge and established.

Outline fonts are available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes – big or small, regular or bold, condensed or italic, rustic and handmade or sleek and sharp.


High-contrast serif fonts

When it comes to high-contrast serif fonts, they are loud yet elegant and will be seen everywhere this year. These fonts are extremely distinct weights, like – the upstroke of a letter is generally thinner than the downstroke. Moreover, these fonts help in creating a dramatic effect.

The contrasting effects with an element of fancy make these fonts very bold, or a kind of raw. Class up your website design by using this typography.


Quirky fonts

Looking for more playful typography? Quirky fonts are rough, clumsy, but still charming. Users are more attracted to quirky pictures that are uneven, unexpected and even funny because these pictures offer them a break from the sleek and heavy fonts that revolves around them.

Using quirky fonts on different materials help you put a smile on your target audience’s face. Or else you can even turn print and digital context into a fresh and joyous experience.


Messy fonts

If you want to go with the messy font trend, try bold, serif, and script fonts that have a messy counterparts. These amalgamations of fonts have created a new form of beauty – the one that doesn’t care but still look pretty.

Messy fonts are a lot more as these are effortless and underground fonts. And without even trying, they will add a punk attitude to the design. Need a break from the ordinary? Handle the mess.


Unique hand-lettering

Hand-lettering is getting increasingly popular in website designing. Let’s not forget that this is a custom-made typography that is charming, distinctive, and special. Today, more and more brands are targeting the same font on their design.

Hand-lettering can be done in any shape and size, yet with style. But most importantly, you will get one-of-a-kind design which will add a ton of personality to your product or brand.


Glorious colour fonts

Colour fonts are also known as chromatic fonts that are basically SVG data stored in OpenType fonts. These OpenType features include both raster and vector images. These fonts lack flexibility but allow pre-bundled storage with gradients, textures, and other complex graphic effects.

Today, for creation of colour fonts, the most commonly used tool is FontSelf from photoshop, which is a new trend in the market. Try it!


Variable fonts are the new responsive

In contrast to regular fonts where each weight is static, variable fonts provide smooth, non-discrete transition between weights, continuous variation along with width axis and other transformations.

Using these variable fonts, you don’t need to install additional font files or adding an outline to your type. It’s totally worth your attention!


Cool fonts

Lettering with alternative character shapes and ligatures is becoming increasingly common. These fonts have a stylistic alternatives that allows you to create your website designs more diversely.

Its just not enough to include only one set of characters! Add a feel of a custom-drawn artwork to design.


Wrapping up

Picking up the right typography could potentially have a significant positive impact on your website, and even with relatively less effort. They have a magical power of making your website look better while improving user experiences.

Just think of using different fonts.

Simply put, your choice of font says a lot about you, your business, and what your website is all about.

If you want your website to look purposeful and appropriate, then why would you want to choose just any random font design?

Take your time and just go through the discussion points mentioned-above with your existing website. Or if you are going to start a new website, bookmark this page and revisit it when you are ready with the design.

Finding a web design company is another way to significantly improve your website design with relatively less effort. We can help you find professional looking fonts according to your business needs. You just need to communicate what your brand or business is, and we are here to help you get a better font that can goes with your website.

We might prefer specific fonts, but don’t let your personal preferences get in the way. It may happen, a font design might look nice, but if it doesn’t fit the purpose, scrap it! Rather focus on picking a font design that has characteristics you want to represent your website and brand.

Looking to push the boundaries, or create and reinvent your website design with these typographies? Wish A Cloud, a website designing company is here for help. You will see a little bit of everything from subtle to bold, handwritten to digital, elegant to messy in perfect typographic harmony.

These typography trends are yet to validate their complete potential. Its high time for you to implement them in your designs rather sticking to the existing ones.

Let’s help you get a design with the trendiest typography!