Your business model works on an online module, your website should not only work towards enticing new visitors but also towards keeping the existing ones engaged. If visitors like your website, they will visit it more often and publicise your website through word of mouth.

You must have come across a number of websites that have stunning designs, while others look outdated but unique in their own way and don’t require a modern design. While building a website, compelling your visitors to stay on it for a long time is not a cakewalk.

Bounce rate, a very common phenomenon that most website are suffering from, is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting one page. An average bounce rate for websites is around 41 – 55%. A low bounce rate means visitors are spending time exploring your website. A high bounce rate means that visitors are landing on your website but not interacting. The following are common characteristics of websites that can attract lots of traffic. Have a look –

Create A Simple and Noticeable Web Design

Its contradictory, but often the most eye-catching designs are the simplest. Sony, for instance, has sleek, crisp yet simple designs, and everyone falls for them. Simplicity often comes out as the best feature for user experience.

Building an impressive website doesn’t always mean that you have to include as many elements and functionalities as possible. Your visitors may  end up spending a lot of time to find exactly what they are looking for.

Find a Web Design and Development company that can help you create a simple yet crisp web design. It can simply give the user a sense of time and space, which they will be more inclined towards staying for longer.

Website Redesigning, But Not Too Often

Redesigning your website can help you increase the traffic of your website. Giving a new look to your website indicates that you are evolving your business and care about your visitor’s experience. However, redesigning the web design too often, for instance, once every two years show a bit of inconsistency.

Imagine, how you feel every time you change your smartphone or update your operating system. It takes a few days to get used to the new look and feel. Simultaneously, it’s the same with a website. Therefore, if you change your website design too often, people will give up getting used to it.

Form It Mobile-Friendly

For most people, smartphones are the primary and the only source of internet. This simply means that they can only access a website through its mobile version instead of a desktop one. Thus, a big chunk of the traffic comes via mobile devices that is only increase in the years to follow. Building a mobile-friendly website can get you a significant number of people to visit.

Make Your Brand Shine

A simple rule is to make sure that your brand reflects in the design of your website with a perfect blend of colours. Create your website content in line with your brand that helps your customers associate your website with your brand. For instance, Dominos is a multinational fast food chain that keeps the design of its outlets and website in line.

Let Them Feel You Are Useful

Generating useful and unique website content attracts more traffic while also helps you engage your visitors. These days, standing out in the crowd can be tough. Try not to pretend to be useful, create a website that just doesn’t look good but also is useful. Doing things differently by integrating your ideas in your website can really help you attract visitors.

Content Should Match The Users Objective

Every page of your website should be straight forward and not include faffing. The content of the pages should not be similar and offer high quality and exclusive content. Adding valuable information either in the form of a resource page, a blog, or free media such as white papers and eBooks can help you increase the average number of visitors.


Be Clear and To The Point

You must have come across a number of websites that are not clear with their offerings. Just think for a second, and ask yourself if you were a customer to those companies. Try not to make those mistakes on your website. Make it easier for your patrons to know what your company is all about and what are you offering to them. Be clear with your motto, let them see the benefit of using your products and services.

Add Elements To The Content

When it comes to the website content, make sure you use small headers which are brief. Descriptive and long text can bore the customer. Break the page content into bite-size pieces to make it more readable by simply adding headings and sub-headings. This will enable the user to scan the content of the website in a glance. Include relevant images and videos to the page content to engage your users. This will also contribute to making the page look aesthetically pleasing.


Showcase Convenience

Coming up with a sitemap that is simple and intuitive can help users to find exactly what they are looking for. For instance, putting contact information at the top right corner of the page, will make it easier for the visitors to reach out to you. Make sure you also put a second copy of your location in the page footer as well.

Present the website content in easily digestible amounts that has logical and innate navigation. The content must provide valuable information and avoid writing content that is not relatable. This increases the credibility of the website and the makes the site looks more mature.

Give Them A Reason To Come Back

It’s essential to add new information to your website frequently. Whether in the form of new products or services introduced, or simply something interesting for your customers. It gives them a reason to come back.

If you are adding new information, tips, products, services, etc. on your website, the expectation of your audience automatically rises that you will always come up with something new. It also gives the impression that the company cares about their website as well as the visitors.


Making your visitors fall in love with your website means that you win the game. If people are recommending your website in their social network, you have succeeded in creating a community around your brand that is way more effective than any other marketing.

Want to create a perfect website? Hire a website design and development company to help you get a hundreds and thousands of visitor that will come and never return.