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It all starts with a domain.  A domain name is an online business address that points to your website. If you’re thinking of starting a new business, or already have one that isn’t online yet – start by finding out if a domain name is available for your business.

Register your favourite domain

If you haven’t already registered your business, think of names that are easy to remember, super easy to spell and yet unlikely to already be taken. If your business isn’t restricted by borders, start by checking to see if the .COM extension is available. If it is, that’s a good sign. Also check to see if your local domain extension is available. So for example, if you plan on starting a business in the United States, you might want to register the .COM as well as the .US domain extensions. If your business now or in the future is likely to work out of multiple countries, we recommend booking extensions for those countries too. It helps secure your expansion plans and ensures your competition can’t “stick it to you”.  Don’t worry, we’ll help you configure and manage all registered domain names so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Domain Transfers

If you own multiple domain names or other web services spread across multiple vendors, we urge you to consolidate.

Transferring your domains is easy. If you’d like to initiate a domain transfer yourself, click on Transfer a Domain button below and fill out the required details. If you’d like us to manage transfer your domains for you, we’re always happy to help. Don’t worry, your website and emails will remain uninterrupted during the process.

Not all domain transfers are chargeable. Depending on your domain extension you’ll either be billed for a renewal during the transfer process ( which eventually adds to the domain’s life) or may not be chargeable at all.  

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Domain Renewals

Domains require renewals. Every domain has a life span and depending on your last renewal (or original registration) it has to renewed again. Assuming your renewal invoice is attended to, renewing domains is automated in most cases. At least with us it is.

If you have a domain that is up for a renewal with another vendor, and would like us to renew it for you, click on the Renew Domain button below which will take you through the transfer process. If your domain’s expiry date is close, you may want to contact us instead of initiating the transfer process yourself.

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Domain Management

Unlike most vendors, we allow our customers to be able to view and manage their domains names at their own convenience from our Client Portal.

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Domain Pricing

Domain prices vary on the basis of their extension , or TLD.